• Host, Current Sports

    Al Martin is the host of Current Sports, the weekly TV show and daily radio call-in program from WKAR.  Al is also on the Current State team as a regular sports contributor and plays a key sports reporting and...

  • WKAR Digital Media Manager and Communications
  • Host and Producer

    Hello, I'm Brad Walker, head of operations for WKAR Radio and manager for WKAR Radio Reading Service, which is our service for blind and visually-impaired persons in mid-Michigan.  You may...

  • WKAR-TV Operations Manager

    Brant Wells is the Operations Manager for WKAR-TV, overseeing production and post, facilities, and the student internship program.

    Wells joined WKAR in October 2016.

    Before joining WKAR, Wells spent 11 years as a post production...


    Emily Fox is producer and host of Morning Edition, airing 5am-9am weekdays on 90.5 FM WKAR. She also reports and produces features and digital media.

    Emily joined WKAR in July 2018.

    Emily comes to WKAR from KUOW in Seattle, where...

  • Radio host and fine arts producer


    Lansing, MI; Los Angeles, CA; Brookline, MA; Ithaca, NY; Avondale, PA

    To what faults do you find yourself most indulgent?

  • Director of Corporate Partnerships

    Judy Kehler oversees the development and cultivation of corporate partnerships at WKAR, the PBS- and NPR-affiliated public media organization serving Michigan's capital region from the campus of Michigan State University.

    Kehler joined...


    Julie Sochay is the Content and Community Engagement Manager for WKAR Pubic Media, overseeing content for television, and creating the vision and focus for communications and community engagement for all of WKAR.  

    Sochay joined WKAR in...

  • Producer and Host of All Things Considered and Serving Up Science

    Karel Vega is the producer and host of All Things Considered airing 4pm-7pm weekdays on 90.5 FM WKAR. He also reports and produces features and digital media creation.

    In 2018, he and Sheril Kirshenbaum launched "Serving Up...

  • Education Reporter

    Kevin Lavery is WKAR's Education reporter. In 2018, he began a year-long focus on the challenges of improving literacy in Michigan schools.  He is also reports general assignment stories and produces news features and interviews for

  • News Reporter

    Laura Michels joined the WKAR News Team as a reporter in July of 2018.

  • WKAR Corporate Development

    Looking for fresh ways to reach your customers? WKAR's Melissa Nay will help you connect with mid-Michigan fans and followers of PBS, NPR and award-winning WKAR original programs for and about your community.

    Contact Melissa for...

  • Radio Station Manager

    Peter Whorf is radio station manager for WKAR Public Media. He oversees the news and music divisions of WKAR Radio, and is host of MSU In Concert, numerous live broadcasts and the

  • Digital News Director and Host of Current State

    Reginald Hardwick is digital news director for WKAR Public Media, leading the creation of news reporting and commentary across all station platforms, including online, radio and television.

    Hardwick joined WKAR in March 2017.

  • News Reporter

    Hello! I'm Scott Pohl, a general assignment news reporter and produces news features and interviews for Current State and an alternate local host on NPR's "Morning Edition."