Advocates Urge State Panel To Allow Medical Pot For PTSD

Jan 25, 2013

Medical marijuana advocates are urging state officials to let Michiganders with post-traumatic stress disorder use the drug legally.

Credit Jake Neher MPRN / MPRN

Dozens of people came to Lansing Friday to make that point to a regulatory panel.

The Michigan Public Radio Network's Jake Neher reports.

Marte Hughson says she was forced to leave her job as an emergency room nurse after a series of traumatic events at work made her constantly paranoid and anxious.

She says medical marijuana allows her to function in society again.

“I can laugh, whereas a lot of times I’m like constantly watching a little squirrel – ‘Who’s behind me?’ ‘What’s going on?’”

Hughson spoke in front of a Bureau of Health Services panel in Lansing. It’s considering adding P-T-S-D to a list of conditions for which doctors can prescribe medical marijuana.

The board recently made a preliminary recommendation to not add P-T-S-D to the list.

It will make its final recommendation after the public comment period ends in March.