After 2015 Ann Arbor debut, golf-boarding expands in Michigan

Jun 27, 2016

A few Michigan golf courses are offering a new way to get around. Current State’s Scott Pohl takes us golfboarding near Ann Arbor.

Justin McNeil of Golfboard (left) and John Kuenzli (right) with WKAR's Scott Pohl.
Credit Diana Kuenzli

You’ve heard of surfing. You’ve heard of skateboarding. You’ve heard of snowboarding. Maybe you’ve even tried one of them, or all of them. But you might never have heard of golfboarding.

Golfboarding is a new phenomenon in golf. Rather than walking or using a golf cart, golfers step onto a motorized skateboard-like device to get around the course. It looks like a cross between an oversized skateboard and a segway.

When Current State’s Scott Pohl checked it out last year, only one golf course in Michigan was offering golfboarding. In 2016, the Polo Fields Golf and Country Club near Ann Arbor has been joined by a few other courses in the state with golfboards. They include the Boyne Highlands Resort in Harbor Springs, Egypt Valley Country Club in Ada, and the Fenton Farms Golf Club in Fenton has ordered golfboards and hopes for delivery in the next few weeks.