After DEQ rule change, A2 Mayor updates city’s Dioxane situation

Nov 1, 2016

Ann Arbor Mayor Christopher Taylor
Credit Courtesy photo / City of Ann Arbor

For years, Ann Arbor has been cleaning up a potential carcinogen that was detected in parts of its groundwater. Last Thursday, the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality toughened standards for the chemical 1,4 Dioxane. We ask Ann Arbor’s mayor for his response to the DEQ’s change and what it means going forward.

Late last week, the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality ruled that it is toughening standards involving a suspected carcinogen. Officials issued a “finding of emergency” that lowers the threshold that will trigger a mandatory clean-up of the toxic chemical Dioxane.

Ann Arbor residents and elected officials are encouraged by the move.

Dioxane was first detected in the city decades ago. More recently, the Ann Arbor city council has called for an expedited cleanup of the chemical.

Current State talks with Ann Arbor Mayor Christopher Taylor.

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