Ahead of East Lansing show, local grower talks orchids

Feb 25, 2015

The Greater Lansing Orchid Society’s annual show and sale is coming up this weekend. Current State’s Scott Pohl met up with a leading local orchid grower to learn more about these beautiful flowering plants. Bill Porter would say that successfully growing orchids isn't terribly hard as long as you treat them right.

Porter’s Orchids is located near Grand Ledge. He’s been growing orchids for decades, starting with lights in a basement. He built a large greenhouse facility almost 20 years ago. The climate control here is computerized, and it’s linked to a weather station on the roof to maintain perfect conditions under a lot of natural light. Porter waters his orchids by hand with rainwater and snowmelt.

Bill Porter says a beginner trying to grow orchids should think about a few things in order to get off to a good start.