Analysis: MSU's Possible Reasons For Not Settling In Nassar Lawsuits

Jan 26, 2018

Leaders at Michigan State University have come under a great deal of criticism not only for the Larry Nassar scandal, but for how they have handled its aftermath.



While the sentencing hearings were still going on in Ingham County, former MSU President Lou Anna Simon emailed a letter to the university community, which included an update on the criminal and civil cases against MSU stemming from the Nassar scandal.

In it, she said “MSU is entitled to, and its insurers require, that we will mount an appropriate defense of these cases.”

Many have called that message cold and tone-deaf. Some victims say MSU is prolonging their pain by dragging out these cases instead of settling.

But MSU may have its reasons.

Zach Gorchow, the editor of Gongwer, sheds some light on the financial and legal factors that might be playing a role in their decision-making.