Antiques Roadshow 'Celebrating Black Americana'

Feb 5, 2015

Mon. Feb. 9 - 9pm on WKAR-HD 23.1 | The new season of ANTIQUES ROADSHOW continues with a special episode in honor of Black History Month!

Nancy Druckman (right) appraises a "Dancing for Eels" oil painting, ca. 1885 for $6,000 to $9,000 in 2010.
Credit Courtesy of Photo by Jeff Dunn for WGBH, © WGBH 2014 / PBS

Highlights in "Celebrating Black Americana," include an 1821 U.S. citizenship certificate for George Barker, a free man of color; an African-American beauty book written by Madam C.J. Walker, the first American female millionaire; and a trip with host Mark L. Walberg and appraiser Leila Dunbar to the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in Kansas City, Missouri.

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