Author questions Henry Ford’s legacy of innovation

Jun 1, 2016

The credit given to Henry Ford for inventing the automobile and the assembly line is somewhat exaggerated, according to the author of a new book called “Drive! Henry Ford, George Selden and the Race to invent the Auto Age.” We talk with Lawrence Goldstone about his book.

Few figures in Michigan history are as well known as Henry Ford, but the author of a new book about Ford believes that others deserve much of the credit for the inventions of the automobile and the assembly line. Lawrence Goldstone is the author of “DRIVE! Henry Ford, George Senden, and the Race to Invent the Auto Age.”

In the book, Goldstone points out that others, including Lansing’s Ransom Olds, did more of the actual inventing than Ford did.

Current State's Scott Pohl talks with Goldstone about the pressure to find something new to say about a man whose history is as well documented as Henry Ford’s.