As ballot efforts surface, legislator clarifies medical marijuana bill

Apr 15, 2015

Rep. Mike Callton (R-Nashville)

For years now, Michigan has struggled with how to implement its medical marijuana law. Voters approved legalized pot in 2008, but applying the law has been fraught with complications. Patients, caregivers, physicians, law enforcement, local and state governments and the courts all have had different concerns. The challenge boils down to how to regulate the drug and how to get it safely and responsibly to the people who are entitled to it. In recent years, Republican State Rep. Mike Callton has been in the middle of the state legislature’s effort to move forward.

Callton is the author of a bill in the House that would establish marijuana “provisioning centers” in our state.

Current State talks with Rep. Callton for an update on where Michigan stands regarding medical marijuana and the way forward.