Beans, beans, the magical fruit: new documentary explores history, comedy of toots

Mar 7, 2016

It’s normally not very polite to talk about bodily functions in public, but that didn’t stop Troy Hale from making an entire documentary about farts. We talk to the director of 'Fart: A Documentary.'

Cutting the cheese. Breaking Wind. Passing gas. No matter the euphemism, it’s pretty hard not to laugh when you’re talking about flatulence. Whether you’re five or fifty, nothing is quite as funny as a good fart joke.

But how about a fart documentary?

Yes, that’s right. Everything you ever wanted to know about flatulence can be found in "Fart: A Documentary."

We talk with Troy Hale, the director of this funky film. He’s also a Professor of Practice in the College of Communication Arts and Sciences here at MSU.