Bernero skips State Board of Education appearance


Democratic nominee for governor Virg Bernero skipped a scheduled appearance before the State Board of Education Tuesday. Bernero and Republican candidate for lieutenant governor Brian Calley were on the agenda to present their education platforms and ideas.

State Representative Brian Calley told the board that he voted for the controversial Race To The Top legislation because he believed in the reforms, and not just because there was the chance of getting money from the federal government.

In fact, Calley says Michigan should be able to get better results for students, and still cut back on costs.

"Of course there is no correlation between increasing funding and better results," he says.

Calley says he and his running mate Rick Snyder would like to see more focus on early childhood education. And he says the case needs to be made to taxpayers that their money is being spent wisely before the state increases funding for any department or service.

Bernero was expected to present his plans as well, but representatives from his campaign say a packed schedule as the election gets closer forced him to cancel.

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