Between pensions and police: Flint faces financial situation

Jul 17, 2014

Credit Flickr- Michigan Municipal League

In Flint, city leaders and residents continue to struggle with serious fiscal challenges. Lately, the focus of the debate has been over whether city services or benefits for municipal retirees is more important.

Struggling with a $9-million deficit, Flint Emergency Manager Darnell Earley says the city needs to reduce retiree health benefits. He warns the city won’t be able to provide essential public safety services without cuts.

To help explain these challenges Current State is joined by Eric Scorsone, Michigan State University Municipal Studies professor. Scorsone is also a member of the city of Lansing’s Financial Health Team, which is advising the Capital City on how to overcome short and long-term deficits.

He says that the most important change that the committee has decided to propose is returning Flint to a city manager form of government which is similar to the Grand Rapids model.