Bill Allows City To Charge Nonresidents Higher Rates For Using Groesbeck

Jun 13, 2018

A bill has been passed in the Michigan House and Senate that will allow the City of Lansing to charge nonresidents more than residents for use of Groesbeck Golf Course. Katie Cook reports.



According to the Senate Fiscal Agency, the parcel of land referred to as Groesbeck Golf Course was originally owned by the state of Michigan and leased by the city of Lansing.

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources conveyed, or transferred, part of the golf course land to the city in 1996, and the rest in 2004. The conveyance included a requirement that any fee or condition imposed on people for using the property would be the same for residents and nonresidents alike.

The Senate Bill that just passed, sponsored by Senator Curtis Hertel Jr., would reconvey the property to the City of Lansing, but this time without those requirements.

This means the City of Lansing will have the ability to charge nonresidents a higher rate than charged to Lansing residents for use of the Groesbeck Golf Course.

The bill has been enrolled and next it will be presented to Governor Snyder.