Bipartisan effort returns ceremonial cannons to MI State Capitol

Aug 5, 2015

There used to be a pair of Civil War era cannons on the grounds on the State Capitol building. On Saturday, there will be a ceremony to mark the installation of two replica cannons. State Senators Mike Kowall and Steve Bieda worked across the aisle to raise private money for the project. Current State talks with them about the project.

Two Civil War-era cannons were removed from the state capitol grounds in 1946, possibly for a World War Two scrap metal drive. They’d been there since 1879. They had been known as Loomis guns in honor of Captain Cyrus O. Loomis who ran a Civil War battery out of Coldwater, Michigan.

On Saturday, they’ll return to flank the steps of the capitol, culminating a two-year bipartisan effort to raise private funds for the project.

Two state senators reached across the aisle to bring Loomis gun replicas back to Lansing. Current State speaks with White Lake Republican Mike Kowall and Warren Democrat Steve Bieda about their bipartisan project.