Black America Since MLK: And Still I Rise

Nov 14, 2016

Tue. Nov. 22 at 8pm on WKAR-HD 23.1| Henry Louis Gates, Jr. takes a personal journey through the last 50 years of black history.

In essence, BLACK AMERICA SINCE MLK chronicles the extraordinary changes that have marked our nation through the eyes of members of the black community who represent its great diversity — a diversity manifested, on one hand, in the rise of a thriving black upper middle class, unparalleled black cultural influence and our nation’s first black president, alongside the emergence of disproportionate poverty, mass incarceration and the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement. 

Episode 2: Keep Your Head Up/Touch the Sky | Henry Louis Gates, Jr. explores America’s changing racial landscape—celebrating how far we have come toward equality and asking why we still have so far to go. Features conversations with Eric Holder, Shonda Rhimes and DeRay Mckesson.