Book recounts Detroit family's struggles with union busting

Feb 12, 2014

Morris recalls Walter Reuther's tale of being dragged down the overpass stairs by thugs in the 1937 'Battle of the Overpass.'

Michigan has a rich organized labor history, and much has been written about the early days of the United Auto Workers Union.

In “Built In Detroit: A Story of the UAW, a Company, and a Gangster”, author Robert Morris looks at the union’s infancy through the eyes of his father. Ken Morris was a regional director of the union, and in a time when union officials faced not just resistance but also acts of violence, he suffered a brutal beating.

Robert Morris will talk about his book in Lansing tonight. The Michigan Political History Society discussion begins at 5:30 p-m at the AFL-CIO headquarters on South Washington Square.

Morris explains more about his research experience and how he learned of his fathers work as a part of the UAW, including his rise through the ranks but also his brutal attack.