Bridge Magazine assesses Detroit's Duggan at six months

Jun 26, 2014

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan
Credit Flickr- Aaron Eckles, Crains Detroit Business

Among Detroit’s many challenges, one painful reality is the decreasing population. The city’s become known for surreal, sparsely settled ‘urban prairies’ that thousands of residents used to call home. 

Back in January at his investiture ceremony, newly elected Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan devoted a few moments to city residents who were thinking of leaving the city. Duggan said, “Just give us six months to prove that we can turn things around, push the pause button and don’t leave that house yet.”

Mike Wilkinson of Bridge Magazine has assessed the impact of the Duggan administration on the city. He says that the city of Detroit has a host of problems but there is a positive direction of the city right now and local residents are gaining hope.