Bridge Magazine Documentary Examines What Divides Michigan

Mar 12, 2018

In a new documentary film, Bridge Magazine traverses Michigan to examine our political differences and what it might take to bring us together. “Michigan Divided” will have its premiere on Wednesday at a public conference on the MSU campus.

Writer and producer Ron French says "the presidential election in 2016 exposed a divide in the state...that we hadn't seen before. People were just vilifying people they didn't agree with to the point that you couldn't have a discussion on topics."

French continues that "we felt that there was such a divide between people that it was time for us as a state to look at why we are so separated. What has done that to us, and is there still common ground?"

A print project in Bridge Magazine followed 11 families around the state. That became a film, which features six families.

The goal, French concludes, is to show that "we're not as different as you think. These are very uncommon times, but frankly, there's still a lot of common ground for us."

“Michigan Divided” will be screened at noon on Wednesday during a day-long public conference hosted by the Center for Michigan. That’s at the Huntington Club conference facility in Spartan Stadium. Registration is required.