Bridge magazine finds Michigan students falling behind

Oct 9, 2014

Bridge magazine has been looking into how Michigan students compare with those in four other states.

From expanding charter schools to implementing high-stakes teacher evaluations, states across the country are testing out new reforms to improve student outcomes. Many of those states are seeing results, but Michigan isn’t one of them. It’s scores on national assessments have flatlined, and in some areas, fallen below the national average.

Meanwhile, states that have historically done poorly on those tests, like Tennessee and Florida, have seen huge improvements in the past several years. So, what is Michigan doing wrong? And what lessons can we learn from states that are doing well?

Those are the questions Bridge Magazine tried to answer with their series “The Smartest Kids”. They looked to four states, two high-achieving and two rapidly improving, for some answers.

Current State talks with the Bridge's senior writer, Ron French.