Business leaders update "Michigan Turnaround Plan"

Apr 7, 2014

Doug Rothwell, CEO of Business Leaders for Michigan, says Michigan has seen significant improvement in terms of a balanced budget and tax rates since 2009.

An organization that includes many of Michigan’s top corporate leaders is making new recommendations on the way ahead for the state. “Business Leaders for Michigan” is a non-profit whose 90 or so members are among the top executives of the state’s most established businesses including General Motors, Dominos Pizza and Meijer.

The group also includes top academic leaders like university Presidents Lou Anna K. Simon and Mary Sue Coleman.

Business Leaders for Michigan's 2009 Turnaround Plan, which called for tax and budget reforms to generate job growth and competitiveness, has been largely implemented by the GOP-led legislature and the Snyder administration.

CEO Doug Rothwell says since 2009, Michigan has balanced its budget and regained population.