Campus Reaction to News of Football Sexual Assault

Jun 6, 2017

Three Michigan State football players were charged Monday with criminal sexual conduct in connection with an incident that occurred on campus in January. WKAR's Karel Vega asked students around the Michigan State community how they felt about this case, and their safety.


“I feel it’s very unfortunate that as women sometimes we’re not safe and for it to take six months to have them go to court and face their consequences is embarrassing to the city of East Lansing and Michigan State…”


That was the reaction from one female student Vega spoke with. Sophomore student Israel, tells me how this feeling of danger was also shared by one of his female friends.


“One of my friends has a really hard time walking home and she lives like 30 minutes away so she usually tells me to text her in 30 minutes to see if she’s okay and yesterday she even called me while she was walking because she did feel unsafe…”


Another student, Haley, was upfront about her opinions on the consequences the players are facing:


“I mean I think they’re getting what they deserve right now and I don’t think that they should be granted anything less than what they’re getting…


Outside of the Broad Art Museum, one student offered her perspective on how the community can use this event moving forward.


“I think we can start by definitely making sure we highlight this issue and share it to kind of emphasize that this is something that is innapropriate on all levels macro as well as micro.”