Celebrating a decade of foolishness at Ann Arbor’s FestiFools

Mar 31, 2016

For an hour this weekend, the streets of Ann Arbor will be flooded with giant papier mache puppets for the 10th annual FestiFools. We talk to the organizers of the event and get a sneak peek at preparations for the foolishness.

It will be a fool’s paradise in Ann Arbor this weekend. The annual FoolMoon and FestiFools parades will flood the downtown streets on Friday and Sunday with giant paper mache puppets and hundreds of handmade lanterns. FestiFools will celebrate its 10th anniversary this year.

The quirky tradition has grown from a project by University of Michigan students to a community wide effort in pursuit of silliness.

Current State producer April Van Buren took a peek behind the curtain to learn more about what it takes to pull off this fool’s errand.

FestiFools photos by Myra Klarman where noted.