Center City District Plan Considered By East Lansing Officials

Jun 19, 2017

The East Lansing city council will consider a large, new development project on Tuesday. It’s known as the Center City District proposal.

Harbor Bay Real Estate hopes to construct ground-level retail space topped with a city-operated parking structure and housing for seniors where city parking lot number 1 now sits on Albert Street. If constructed, the Center City District could move East Lansing’s business profile away from Grand River Avenue, a stretch that faces the MSU campus.

Council member and mayor Mark Meadows says the city has long looked at turning Albert Street into a main street, adding that "we could have businesses on both sides of the street." He says that would also make it more suitable for pedestrians.

The plan is complex, with Harbor Bay seeking a 49-year lease for private development on public land and Brownfield Redevelopment Authority bonding for construction.

The East Lansing city council is also considering a new income tax proposal. There will be public comment on both of these initiatives at the 6 p.m. Tuesday meeting.