Changes at Holt schools stir opposition

Feb 21, 2014

Holt High School. Under 'the plan', seniors would move across the street to the current 9th grade campus next academic year.

In the Holt School District, students, families and other stakeholders have been embroiled in a debate over changes in the district.  Recently, a dispute over a district reinvention plan has intensified.  Opponents of the plan now threaten to replace members of the Holt school board, which approved it.

Like so many school districts, Holt has been hit hard by state funding cuts, dwindling property tax revenue as well as a drop in enrollment.  

The plan," as its come to be known, aims to avoid cuts to programs through a series of moves. Lately, the focus of the controversy has been the decision to move Holt High seniors to a building that currently serves only freshmen.  The 9th graders will swap places, joining sophomores and juniors at Holt High School this fall.

Current State welcomes the main architect of the Holt Schools Reinvention Plan, Superintendent Dr. Johnnie Scott. Also here is one opponent of “the switch,” as it’s come to be called: Dr. Larry Nassar, who has two children attending Holt High School.