Charlotte weighs move to balanced school calendar

May 5, 2016

Charlotte Public Schools has been considering doing away with the typical 12 week summer break in favor a balanced calendar, and they may be getting closer to making a decision. We get the latest from Charlotte Public Schools Superintendent Mark Rosekrans and Mike Bruce, president of the Charlotte Board of Education.

No one can deny the appeal of a nice, long summer vacation, but school officials around the country have concerns about the effects a long summer break can have on learning. Some schools have done away with the traditional school year schedule and opted for a balanced calendar that spreads that long summer break throughout the year.

In Michigan, this has already happened in some districts, but not yet in Eaton county. Charlotte Public School officials have been discussing the possibility of making such a change since 2014.

Current State talks about the balanced calendar proposal with Mark Rosekrans, Superintendent of Charlotte Public Schools, and Charlotte Board of Education President Mike Bruce.