Circle Tour to showcase majesty of Lake Superior

May 25, 2016

The natural and man-made beauty of Lake Superior is the subject of an upcoming tour and new article by Lake Superior Magazine editor Konnie LeMay.

To call Konnie LeMay one of Lake Superior’s biggest boosters is an understatement. The Duluth, Minnesota native was raised on the shores of the greatest lake. LeMay is editor of Lake Superior Magazine, the monthly publication of regional travel, food, nature, history and more.

Later this year, Konnie will take the classic “Circle Tour” of Lake Superior, dropping in to numerous natural and man-made destinations.

LeMay’s recent magazine article "The Circle in Pictures" celebrates the vivid landscape photography of John Heino and John Kay while serving as a preview to her journey.

Current State’s Peter Whorf speaks with Konnie LeMay about places like Oimet Canyon and Aguasabon Falls, two scenes from Superior’s wild beauty.