Clare Man Is First in Area with 'Bionic' Ankle

Jul 23, 2012

A Clare man has become the first mid-Michigan recipient of what's being called a "bionic" ankle.

Clare county police detective Mike Coon was shot in the leg while on duty almost 20 years ago.  After a dozen surgeries and a lower leg amputation, Coon was in Lansing Monday to be fitted with a electronic ankle called a BiOM.  It uses robotic circuitry both to stabilize and power his movements.

"When I walked up and down steps, I was able to do so without having to lift my whole left side to get up the steps," he says.  Because this actually will spring you up."

Springer Prosthetics in Lansing fitted Coon with his new ankle.  President Joe Springer says it's unclear how much insurance companies might be willing to pay for the $55-thousand device.