Coalition Chastises MI Lawmakers for Cutting Infrastructure Funds

May 30, 2017

Michigan has no long-term plan to repair its crumbling infrastructure.  That’s the message a coalition of engineers, businesses and public policy experts is telling state lawmakers gathering this week on Mackinac Island.

The group points to studies by the Governor’s 21st Century Infrastructure Commission and Business Leaders for Michigan that conclude the state must invest $4 billion each year for 20 years to fix deteriorating roads and contaminated waterways. 

Officials say the legislature is ignoring the crisis.

“These are independent reports,” says Michigan Infrastructure and Transportation Association executive vice-president Mike Nystrom.  “Every one of them says the same thing: we’re getting worse, and yet they zero out the Michigan Infrastructure Fund.”

Earlier this month, the Michigan Senate eliminated a $20 million infrastructure fund proposed by Governor Rick Snyder. 

The governor is expected to discuss infrastructure needs during a panel discussion on Mackinac Island on Thursday.