Collette blasts BRT, suggests CATA audit

Oct 6, 2016

Ingham County Circuit Judge Bill Collette is a Haslett resident who’s also a member of the group Stop CATA’s BRT. We ask Collette about the agency’s new, alternative Bus Rapid Transit Plans and why he’s recommending an audit of CATA and the Tri-County Regional Planning Commission.

In a series of three public gatherings this week, the Capital Area Transportation Authority (CATA) put forward five alternatives to its controversial Bus Rapid Transit plan.

For months, opponents have said the BRT would make traffic worse, hurt businesses on the route, put pedestrians at risk and squander tax dollars. They also routinely criticize the agency for its handling of the process.

CATA drew up the alternatives to address the complaints and concerns about the BRT, which it says would offer riders faster, more dependable travel, accelerate economic development and be largely paid for with federal transportation dollars. The system would take shape on CATA’s Route 1 between downtown Lansing and Okemos.

Current State talks with a critic of the proposal, Bill Collette of Haslett. He's a  member of the organization Stop CATA’s BRT and a longtime Ingham County Circuit Court judge.