Committees To Begin Designing East Lansing Elementary Schools

May 4, 2017

East Lansing's Acting Superintendent Dori Leyko says now that the school bond has passed, the next step is to pull together people from all the schools' neighborhoods to form committees and begin the design and implementation process of the buildings.

"We have said all along that we will go to our school communities for input on the design of these buildings and so we fully intend to carry out that commitment we made," she says.



Voters in the East Lansing Public School District passed the school bond proposal on Tuesday.

The roughly 94 million dollars from the bond will go to demolishing and rebuilding five elementary schools and renovating Red Cedar Elementary.

Leyko says the renovation of Red Cedar is scheduled to begin this fall, with the construction of the new Donley Elementary to follow in the summer of 2018.