Coney Dogs in The D... in Vegas

Feb 24, 2014


Chris Sotiropoulos (left) and his sister, Grace Keros with their staff.
Credit WKAR/Scott Pohl

Along with gambling and big production stage shows, Las Vegas is known for fine dining. Everywhere you look, you’ll find a restaurant with a different theme, many of them run by celebrity chefs. Travelers from Michigan, though, might want to consider a more humble spot to grab a bite in Vegas.

American Coney Island, a downtown Detroit dining institution, has been selling their signature chili dogs on West Lafayette Boulevard for almost a century. It’s a family owned business that after all these years has opened a few additional locations. Their first restaurant outside of Michigan is in the former Fitzgerald’s casino on the famous Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas. It’s now called The D.

Chris Sotiropoulos, the owner, grew up in Okemos. He says that, while he has been approached about the idea of franchising, it's not something the company wants to do with the brand.