Construction Delay Extended At Ormond Park

Jul 11, 2017

An Ingham County Circuit Court Judge has continued his temporary restraining order in the matter of Ormond Park. 

At a hearing Tuesday at the Ingham County Circuit Court, Veterans Memorial Courthouse, Judge James Jamo upheld his temporary restraining order to halt construction at Ormond Park. Construction on a Groesbeck Golf Course entrance through Ormond Park began during the week of July 4th. Trees and playground equipment were removed and destroyed. Peter Wood, a board member of a group called Friends of Ormond Park, filed an emergency restraining order to halt construction on Monday, which Judge Jamo signed. However, the City filed a motion to vacate the restraining order. Since Judge Jamo upheld the restraining order at this morning’s hearing, the next step is another hearing, scheduled for July 20th at 9 a.m. At that time the Judge will hear arguments for a preliminary injunction.  Until then, construction on the entrance has been halted.