Could Michigan do more with its water resources?

Mar 4, 2014

The Great Lakes Compact bans freshwater exports, but as Dale Buss explains, there are opportunities to positively exploit shipping freshwater to areas in need, such as California.
Credit Flickr - gbozik photography

With snow piled deep across the Great Lakes region, there are hopes that the upcoming melt will push lake levels higher. It’s a scenario envied by many in the American west, especially in California where residents are being hammered by the severest drought in three decades. 

While U.S. States and Canadian provinces bordering the lakes are currently banned from shipping water from the region, the situation begs a bigger question: how could Michigan’s and the region’s approach to water change over time? Are Great Lakes States and provinces utilizing their water-rich circumstances as well as they can?

It’s a topic Dale Buss wrote about recently in the Detroit News. Buss has written about economics and business for Forbes, The Wall Street Journal and other publications and he’s based in suburban Detroit.