Council Moves Forward Slowly On Marijuana Ordinance

Jun 13, 2017

The Lansing City Council met Monday evening to discuss the medical marijuana ordinance as a Committee of the Whole.


Because the meeting was followed by their regularly scheduled council meeting, the only issue they had time to get to was the option of whether to include a commission.


A commission is a group who reviews applications for licenses for medical marijuana establishments. Without a commission, the applications would go through the city clerk’s office.


Most council members approve of a commission, and the idea that it should be made up of citizens, patient advocates, and experts. But they did not reach an agreement on exactly how the commission would be appointed.


Council President Patricia Spitzley shared her views.


“This has the potential to be a huge headache and a huge opportunity. And I think it depends on how we as council put forth a regulatory scheme that is going to be protective.”


The council will schedule a special Committee of the Whole meeting in the coming weeks so they can allow for more time to discuss the entire ordinance. Because of this, a date for a public hearing on the ordinance was not yet set.