County commissioners will vote on stricter limits for Ingham Health Plan

Sep 15, 2015

Ingham County officials may be nearing a resolution over how to provide medical services to the county’s neediest residents. That’s been an issue since participation plunged and surpluses soared at the Ingham Health Plan. Current State speaks with Ingham County Commissioner Todd Tennis about the road ahead.

Ingham County 5th district commissioner Todd Tennis
Credit Courtesy image / Ingham County Board of Commissioners

Last night, Ingham county officials clarified their next move regarding the Ingham Health Plan. Members of the county commissioners’ Health Services committee voted to formally contract with the IHP and establish stricter spending parameters. The proposal will now go before the full, 14-member Board of Commissioners for a vote.

For around a decade, the IHP has functioned as a health safety net, offering medical and other services to needy county residents who don't have medical coverage.

Last night’s move comes after  months of indecision over $10 to $12-million dollars in excess funds accumulated at the health plan after participation plummeted due to the implementation of the Affordable Care Act and Healthy Michigan. The confusion triggered criticism of IHP administrators.

Current State talks with Ingham County Commissioner Todd Tennis, who chairs the county’s Health Services committee.