Court Affirms Conviction Of Woman Whose Baby Died In Garage

Oct 18, 2017

The Michigan appeals court has found nothing to overturn the murder conviction of a Detroit-area woman who gave birth in a cold garage and left the baby to die.

The body was discovered at a recycling center in 2015 after being placed in a bin at a curb in Eastpointe.

Angela Alexie's conviction by a jury entitled her to an appeal.

But the appeals court affirmed the result, rejecting her challenges to evidence and the prosecutor's use of her statements to police.

The 3-0 decision was released Wednesday.

At trial, Alexie's lawyer said involuntary manslaughter was a more appropriate charge, but jurors disagreed.

The 27-year-old is serving a no-parole sentence.

The boy was buried at a cemetery.

Morgue employees named him Henry Alexander Macomb.