Court Orders GOP Majority to Record Votes

Mar 27, 2012

A political fight between Republicans and Democrats at the state Capitol has landed in court.

Democrats in the state House say Republicans in the majority are violating the Michigan Constitution. The lawsuit says the House GOP majority refuses to hold recorded votes on a procedure that requires super‑majorities to pass. It allows bills to become effective upon being signed by the governor. Otherwise, bills cannot become law until 90 days after the end of a legislative session.

The minority party often uses that to slow down controversial measures.

House Democratic Leader Rick Hammell says, "“We feel the constitution’s been violated over the past year plus and we have not been allowed to have immediate effect votes.”
A judge has ordered Republicans to show up in court on Monday to explain why they won’t hold recorded votes onthe procedure. Democrats will ask the judge to order record roll call votes.

Republican leaders say they have complied with the constitution.