Court Says THC-Laced “Medibles” Not Allowed Under Marijuana Law

Jul 12, 2013

The Michigan Court of Appeals has ruled that brownies and other baked goods laced with THC are not allowed under the state’s medical marijuana law.

The Michigan Public Radio Network’s Rick Pluta has more.

Earl Chambers was charged with possession of marijuana following a traffic stop. A search of his vehicle turned up marijuana and brownies. Chambers said he can’t be prosecuted because he has a medical marijuana card.

The appeals court ruled the brownies made with an extract of THC – the active ingredient in marijuana – are not allowed under Michigan’s medical marijuana law. The court said the brownies and other so-called “medibles” must be made using actual marijuana plants. It also held the entire weight of the brownies is subject to the limits set in the law.

But that wasn’t the final word. The case was sent back to the Oakland County Circuit Court to let Chambers argue he’s entitled to immunity under another section of the medical marijuana law.