Curious Crew Season Two

Apr 8, 2015

Hard to believe, but it has been almost a year since we launched our newest children's program, Curious Crew! We are excited to announce that season two is gearing up in a big way!

Curious Crew Season 1

First bit of news I'd like to share is that the Curious Crew casting call will be held on Saturday, May 2, starting at 9 AM at the WKAR Studios in the Communication Arts & Sciences building at MSU. Last year, more than 260 kids tried out for 30 spots, so this year is sure to be just as busy! We have been receiving numerous emails and calls asking us when the try outs will be for the next season, so it is sure to be a fun day here at WKAR!

Second bit of news I'd like to share is that we have two slots open for corporate support, one production sponsorship and one local sponsorship. Below are the detail on sponsorship as well as what categories are currently taken.

Sponsorship Information

Below is a link to watch the episodes from season one on our site.

Curious Crew Episodes

Thanks for reading and we hope you are as excited as we are about this great show!