Current Sports | 10/11/16 | #799

Oct 11, 2016

Michigan State Football, Mark Dantonio, 1965-66 Championship Team, Quarterback Situation, Bob Apisa and Race Relations.

Credit Matthew Mitchell

On today's show, it's all about Michigan State football, from present to past. Opening the hour, Al and engineer Isaac Constans do the norm, presenting their takeaways from Mark Dantonio's press conference. After letting the news of the BYU loss sink in, is there any change in the team's plans for the future? And course, the center of attention is the quarterback position. Then, it's a blast from the past as Bob Apisa, two-time All-American fullback for the championship-winning 1965-1966 MSU championship team, talks about his journey from a kid without electricity to one of MSU's most famous legends. Apisa rides out the rest of the hour by describing his documentary, "Men of Sparta," that details the revolutionary integrated teams of MSU under Duffy Daugherty.