Current Sports | 10/13/16 | #801

Oct 13, 2016

Justin Forsett, Dave Warner, Mark Dantonio, MSU Football, Detroit Lions Football, Jared Goff, MSU Women's Basketball and Homecoming.

Credit Courtesy photo / Do It for Daniel/Facebook

A little bit too late, but new Detroit Lions running back Justin Forsett has finally come out and admitted that he was down by contact four years ago on Thanksgiving. Al transitions the revelation into a comprehensive summary of the Lions, with he and engineer Isaac Constans both evaluating the team's surprising win last weekend against the Philadelphia Eagles and looking forward to the Los Angeles Rams. Al compares the Rams' current predicament to Michigan State's, and it's an off-radar analogy that you might not see coming.

Then, Al sets forth his interviews with Suzy Merchant, head coach of MSU women's basketball, and former star Aerial Powers to preview the season ahead with 'Midnight Madness' looming on Friday. Finally, Al and Isaac officially announce that they will be emceeing the MSU homecoming parade on Friday. They will be stationed by the auditorium, and the parade departs at 6 p.m. That night, Al will also be hosting Midnight Madness for the Michigan State basketball programs.