Current Sports | 11/13/15 | #586

Nov 13, 2015

Farewell to Melissa Benmark, Steph Curry, Michigan State Men's Basketball, College Basketball, Kevin Allen, The Detroit Redwings, Michigan State Football, and Reflection Friday.

With a busy weekend ahead, Current Sports has a jam-packed show set for this Friday the 13. Before diving into the sports talk on the queue, however, Current Sports and a few callers thank Melissa Benmark for her incredible contributions to the mid-Michigan community as she prepares to step down. On the sports side, Al and Isaac talk Steph Curry's unmatched start to the season and how it relates to WWE, a must-hear debate. Then, they discuss college basketball and Michigan State's opening night matchup. Kevin Allen, the co-author of "Red Wing Nation: Detroit's Greatest Players Talk about Detroit Hockey," then is on the line to preview his book and what he learned while writing it. Finally, the show ends with expectations for the Michigan State and Michigan football matchups for the weekend as well as 'Reflection Friday.'