Current Sports | 11/17/16 | #827

Nov 17, 2016

Cy Young Winners, Justin Verlander, Kate Upton Tweet, College Football Rankings, MSU Women's Basketball, MSU Men's Soccer, NFL Power Rankings and Throwback Thursday.

Credit Zachary Swiecicki / WKAR-MSU

Kate Upton, girlfriend of Tigers' pitcher Justin Verlander, was not too happy about a second-place finish for her man in the AL Cy Young voting. Al and engineer Isaac Constans break down the voting protocol and the reason Verlander was glazed over despite having the most first-place votes.Then, the two explain who they would have voted for. The rest of the show isn't so civil, with a nasty break in opinion regarding the college football rankings. Was Louisville cheated out of a spot? Then, Current Sports intern David Greenberg calls in live from DeMartin Stadium to update listeners on what is going on in the MSU Men's Soccer first-round NCAA tournament game. And it's time to fall back for Current Sports, but not without a retrospective glance at sports history with 'Throwback Thursday.'