Current Sports | 11/18/16 | #828

Nov 18, 2016

Louisville Roast, Al Martin vs. Isaac Constans, Michigan-Indiana Preview, Flashback Friday, Bob Apisa and Reflection Friday.

Credit Joel Dinda / Flickr Creative Commons

Al and engineer Isaac Constans have had spats before, but with both modestly claiming victory. This time though, Al flaunts his success after Louisville fell to Houston, 36-10, seemingly dispelling Isaac's thought that Louisville deserved to be in the top four. Yet, the debate isn't over just yet, as Isaac defends his pick. Current Sports' production assistants also add their thoughts to the matter and opine on who belongs in the College Football Playoff. Then, a flashback segment is a reminder of the college football of old, with the earlier interview of legendary MSU fullback and ambassador Bob Apisa replayed. Finally, Adam Biggers of Today's U Sports joins the party for the final few minutes to preview the Michigan-Indiana game set to take place over the weekend.