Current Sports | 11/3/16 | #817

Nov 3, 2016

The World Series, Chicago Cubs, Cleveland Indians, MSU Men's Basketball, Winning a Championship and Bandwagon Fans.

The Chicago Cubs have done it; they have won the World Series for the time in 108 years. Current Sports basks in the accomplishment, as both Al and engineer Isaac Constans review their time watching the game. What almost did and what could have changed the outcome of an 8-7 game? As great as analysis can be, it doesn't stack up to the emotional reception.

Lifelong Cubs fan and Current Sports intern David Greenberg calls into the studio from Chicago to describe what the moment meant to him. Yet for all of the Cubs celebration, Al and Isaac also find a sore spot in the parade. Finally, Current Sports brings you the local coverage of last night's MSU men's basketball exhibition game against Saginaw Valley State. With the preseason over, the Spartans are on the clock to address a few glaring issues before November 11.