Current Sports | 11/6/15 | #581

Nov 6, 2015

Adidas Backs Reform for Mascots, Cincinnati Bengals, Derrick Rose, Michigan State Football Preview, Lee Vickers, Reflection Friday, CSTV and Greg Hardy.

On today's show, Al and Isaac finally comment on a topic that's gone largely unnoticed throughout the week, Adidas offering to pay for rebranding costs for schools who have offensive mascots. Also, big performances last night from the Cincinnati Bengals and Derrick Rose have fans from the NBA and NFL questioning whether the two are for real. Then, Al and Isaac give their expectations for the Michigan State-Nebraska game this weekend. And if you missed the Current Sports TV sitdown of last night, don't fret. A rewind to last night is on with guest Lee Vickers, youth football coach. And finally, a short 'Reflection Friday' and instantaneous reactions to photos released from Greg Hardy's domestic violence case end this week's chapter of Current Sports.