Current Sports | 12/7/16 | #837

Dec 7, 2016

MSU Men's Basketball, Tom Izzo, Cassius Winston, Scott Pohl, Dale Anderson, Wrestling, Jabrill Peppers and Current Sports Production Assistants.

Credit Stadium Sites / Flickr Creative Commons

That was better. For the first time this season, the MSU men's basketball team showed out despite the absence of superstar Miles Bridges. Hear Al's postgame report including the highlight from the Tom Izzo presser to begin the show before Al and Isaac break into dissecting what worked for the Spartans this game. Then, it's a Current State special from our WKAR partner program. Producer Scott Pohl introduces an often overlooked story swirling around MSU wrestling. After that, is Jabrill Peppers--Michigan's Heisman Trophy candidate--overhyped? An accord is reached on the matter. To end the show, it's time say goodbye to two of the fantastic production assistants for the semester. A huge thank you goes out to Kamen Kessler and Ashley Gibbard.