Current Sports | 2/16/16 | #639

Feb 16, 2016

The Grammy Awards, Peyton Manning Sexual Assault Case, Tom Izzo Press Conference, Michigan State Men's Basketball, and Tickled Tuesday.

Opening the show with a brief digression from sports, Al and Isaac hit on the Grammy Awards. Kendrick Lamar swept the rap contests but who else should have won? Then, it's onto serious matters. Is Peyton Manning's reputation permanently tarnished from the sexual assault and HGH allegations? Al and Isaac dive into that, as well as why you have to tread cautiously before accusing Peyton Manning. Afterwards, take an inside look at Tom Izzo's press conference with bytes from earlier today. Finally, 'Tickle Me Tuesday' is now 'Tickled Tuesday', but one way or another, the content will keep you laughing.