Current Sports | 2/26/16 | #647

Feb 26, 2016

Steph Curry, NBA, Jim Harbaugh, Kirby Smart, University of Michigan Satellite Camp, Weekend Big Ten Preview, Dale Beard, Lansing Everett, Two Minutes for Ruffing, and Reflection Friday.

What else could you start off today's show with besides Steph Curry? In light of the defending MVP's 51-point performance, Al and Isaac take a broader look at all that Curry has accomplished this season. Then, an exchange of words between Jim Harbaugh and Georgia assistant coach Kirby Smart refueled the satellite camp debate, which continues onto the show. Up next, Dale Beard, Lansing Everett basketball assistant coach and Magic Johnson's high school teammate, teams up with the show to give insights into the high school scene and his time as a player. And this week of Current Sports winds down with 'Two Minutes for Ruffing' with Jason Ruff and 'Reflection Friday.'