Current Sports | 3/2/16 | #650

Mar 2, 2016

Indiana-Iowa Basketball, Big Ten Championship, Spring Break, New Segment Reveal, Andrea Urban, Laya Hartman, and Donatas Montejunas.

Indiana is your Big Ten men's basketball champions. Al puts into perspective what this team has accomplished this year compared to the preseason predictions. Al and Isaac also talk a few spring break plans, even though the Big Ten tournament will be in full force. Right around the halfway point, Al introduces Isaac's new segment idea, with his own twist.  'Wild Take Wednesdays' will debut in two weeks and provide Al and Isaac with the weekly chance to explore and explain any of their unconventional sports ideas. Andrea Urban, Current Sports beat reporter, then walks into the studio to preview her video segment on Laya Hartman, local Okemos basketball standout. After that, Al and Isaac talk a little about the voided Donatas Montejunas trade from the Pistons side to end the show.